United Airlines Flight Slides Off Icy Taxiway at Spokane Airport

United Airlines Flight Slides Off Icy Taxiway at Spokane Airport
A United Airlines flight slid off an icy taxiway at Spokane Airport in Washington state on Tuesday morning. The plane, which was scheduled to depart for Denver, slid off the taxiway as it was preparing to leave the gate around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning, …
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What it's really like to work as a flight attendant
According to Delta's careers page, flight attendants can expect 4 a.m. wake-up calls and sporadic hours, delays, and flight cancellations that will nix plans, and weekends and holidays spent working. The tradeoff, though, is getting to see the world …
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Turbulence causes injuries on Air Canada flight
The passengers did not know where the turbulence occurred and Air Canada did not provide details. Medical professionals who were on the flight helped the injured. Passenger Linda He said a girl next to her was sleeping, apparently not wearing a lap belt.
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Modesto flight school looks overseas for students
He expects that will be completed within a few months, and then the flight school will bid for contracts with foreign airlines to train student pilots. He said they will target airlines in China, Japan, India, Taiwan and Mongolia and anticipate …
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